Word Count Update

I’m at 35K words now (it was 28K four days ago).

It’s a lot of words.

As for their quality?

…I’ll get back to you on that.


Loading…book in progress…

So I feel a few people may have followed this blog for short story snippets.

I don’t know when those are coming back 😦

My energy is currently being divided by a good few things. One of which is desperately applying for my dream job (it’s a competitive field) while learning even more new skills to make myself more appealing to said job market.

The other things my energy is being taken up by is maintaining proper social connections as well as working on a novel.

Currently, it is at 28K words. I suspect the book will be at about 150K words by the time it’s done. As for when that will be, I don’t know. I’m actually meeting with my former writing professor (the wonderful person who taught me how to write like a good historian) today because apparently she thinks I’m cool.

She did express interest in reading the rough draft. Which is kind of amazing because she knows what my writing quality is. To give you an idea, my typical grades in college were A’s.

I scraped by with a B- in her class, and that was a victory.

So I’ll ask about her interest. I warned her many times it’s pulpy sci-fi-fantasy. If she still has an interest, she can give me a deadline, and she knows I meet those. Although now that I no longer have the pressure of “The state and country is paying for your education you can’t fail OR ELSE” I may be less good with those…

Anybody around here have any writing projects? You’re welcome to share on here!

A Drawback to Knitting Gifts

…Or crocheting them.

So I have two coworkers who are leaving and a person from our dojo is also leaving.

My response? Make going away gifts!

Why? Because people tend to like being given things, and it’s fun making people happy. I also knit an asston of stuff, so why not make use of it? People always comment that they like my work (those who see it at least), and what better way to say ‘Thanks for being a cool person’ other than to make them a thing?

Also I’m not an easy person to work with. So, like, the going  away gifts are also a ‘Thanks for putting up with me.’ Does this absolve me of my difficulties? No. Does it mean I’m never going to work on being less difficult? Also no.

But in the mean time, while I work on being less difficult to work with, I may as well thank people for both being cool and putting up with me!

There is one slight problem, though.

The people I interact with are very aware of how much time and effort goes into knitting or crocheting. So the concern here is they will be given the gift and immediately feel uncomfortable because ‘Oh hey, Sap put all this time and effort into this gift…she’s cool, but I don’t think we’re THAT good of friends for me to have this and now I’m uncomfortable with how much time she invested in me for this.’

Except the thing is…

…I knit all the time. All the time. I watch a movie, I knit. When I was in college, I knitted in class. Hang out with friends? Gotta pack the knitting. Like I said…I have an asston of the stuff; not just the yarn but the product as well and that takes up space.

Only you can’t tell somebody ‘Oh, yeah, this gift I made you was kind of just a thing I did while I was bored’ or ‘Oh, I made that ages ago and didn’t know what to do with it–I thought you’d like it!’

Well I mean I have a couple friends I could say that to. But definitely not my coworkers. My classmates, who I made gifts for (it was a very small class), were at least aware of the fact that I knitted all the time. … Since they saw me do it all the time, and I think even a couple were like ‘This is mine? I saw her making that! Neat.’

Anyway. It’s kind of a difficult situation. On the one hand, I want to thank my coworkers in the way I know best how to–make them something. Baking used to be an option, but with the number of eating restrictions people have, I don’t want to insult those or risk an allergic reaction. Buying a little gift is an option, but I hate purchased gifts + spending money isn’t something I’m plentiful in right now.

BUT I also don’t want to make my coworkers uncomfortable. Kind of defeats the whole ‘thank you’ concept.

I’m probably overthinking it. Two of the items are basic scarves and the other will likely be a crocheted rat, and it’s a pattern I really want (but can’t justify buying Just For Myself).

Then again, I may be assuming people were raised with the same gift giving culture I got thrown into: I made you something, now you owe me.

Which is not how I see gifts, and it appears most people are in the same boat–a gift is a gift; it is not something designed to trap people into debt.

…Maybe that’s why I’m so big on throwing gifts at people. I’m so opposed to seeing it as an ‘now I own this person’ kind of thing, I’ll just make them like it’s nothing to avoid that.

Well, regardless, I’m going to keep knitting and crocheting. Maybe I should invest in a fancy chest to store it all in.

Which leads me to this question: How do you people view gifts?

Oh, Pokemon…

So those of you who like Pokemon, you’re probably quite aware that Detective Pikachu has come out. Those of you who may not…well now you know!

I’ve been a fan of Pokemon since I was, like…7. I think I was about 9 when I finally came to terms with the fact that Pokemon were not real.

Until I saw this.

It was easier to accept this fact as a tiny child before learning about things like malaria.

Oh well. I’ll go enjoy Dead Pool as Pikachu with a friend dressed as a classic Team Rocket member.

An Exchange

-Me: I need to throw the chicken into the oven before it goes bad…
-Friend 1: Yes, throw the cowards into the oven.
-Friend 2: Gotta cook’m before they start wearing leather jackets!
-Me: … what
-Friend 2: Gotta cook the chicken before it goes bad?
-Me: …
-Me: …sunovabitch

Endgame–At Last

No spoilers.

I enjoyed the movie quite a lot.

But I don’t know what upsets me more–the fact that the directors sail a ship that’s not the one I’m on, or that they almost made me cry. Stupid assholes making me feel feelings and stuff.

I’ll post spoiler-potential thoughts in, like, a month. Or something.

Sorry, Coffee

I’m starting to suspect I’m running on about 80% spite and 20% caffeine these days.

Back in the day, it used to be 20% spite and 80% caffeine.

Sorry, coffee.

It’s not you it’s those other people I blame for my shortcomings me.