Song Challenge – Day “20”

Day 20 – A song that has many meanings to you.

Uh-oh. I have been given permission to…ramble.

Shockingly enough, it’s not an MCR song!

“Come on Home” by Franz Ferdinand.

I’m cheating with this one. It mostly has multiple meanings due to it being relevant to more than one story.

I could be wrong, but I believe I received their self-titled album as a Hanukkah gift when I was in 8th grade (along with American Idiot). So, it already holds a meaning to me as being the start of my own, personal music collection. It also gives you an idea of how young I was for the following bit…

So, then I had it apply to a character or two from the Indigo collection. It kind of serves as a marker for how much my writing has changed as well as me having a better understanding of  how people (should) interact with each other. To make a long story short…it took reading and very much hating Twilight for me to realize what I had going on in the story qualified as stalking. Anyway, after much denial and trying to tell myself “But I’m not Meyer, so it’s totally okay” turning to “No, Sap, it’s bad and you know it’s bad. Change the story,” the character dynamics changed.

Anyway, this song was tied to the stalker and stalked character.

But now it has been applied to another character, Ursula. No more stalking! Well, as far as this song goes…

Song Challenge – Day “19”

Day 19 – A song that makes you think about life.

Well. I ended up using some of those songs already (“Welcome to the Black Parade”, “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” and “Blue Ridge Mountains”).

WBP because it’s a song about accepting death and living with it. Dancing to Joy Division just makes me think about how you can be happy, and Blue Ridge Mountains is both the right mix of relaxing and melancholy to make me think on things.

Admittedly, I take this usage of “life” to mean reflecting on what you’ve done so far, or possibly just what life is in this wild ball of chaos we call the universe.

I’m kind of stumped on either interpretation, really.

I’ll settle for “Before The World Was Big” by Girlpool. I think it encapsulates how I feel overall about life now. It’s big and I can’t help but miss how things were before.


Song Challenge – Day “16”

Day 16 – A song that’s a classic favorite.

Classic by whose standards??

Uhhh… “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen!

I first heard this song in 8th grade when a student convinced the teacher to let us watch Wayne’s World. As I recall, she claimed she watched the movie everyday after school and had the whole thing memorized, and the teacher wanted proof.

This was probably the most normal event to have happened in that class.

A Small Update

I poke my head out again, much like the groundhog. Only not as well built for living underground.

The updates have slowed down mostly because there isn’t much to say. Forgive the dramatics, but every time I see what this country’s doing next, I feel a lot like setting out a distress signal. “SOS! THE SHIP US IS SINKING! SOS!”

But for real because this country just hit the 150K death toll.

So, really, it’d just be the same thing over and over–“Oh boy, folks. Look’t what the screaming tangerine’s up to now!” or some other comment where I make a scathing remark about a politician I dislike.

Despite all this, in my absence I have made progress in one thing, at least. I completed a sketchbook. It isn’t much–it’s mostly lines and boxes to train myself to work with the shoulder and/or elbow. Some “eye” exercises too. But I did it. Time to see if I can succeed in doing it again. I’ve flipped over the thing and am now drawing on the “other” side of the sketchbook.

Along with completing a sketchbook, I got a crapton of art supplies. Mostly because I don’t know what the next six months will look like, so I figured I should hoard up on something other than toilet paper.

Anyway, I’ve got the song challenge more or less done and scheduled to go automatically. I’ve got plenty more to ramble about. This blog was, originally, meant to assess history and how it’s handled in the public sprinkled with original fiction and an occasional blather about my life. The history part is very much back on my mind as my sister told me to give a YouTuber I don’t like another chance. Doing that kind of made me realize how bad people are at understanding history.

The focus of this blog has certainly gone the way of the Dodo, I’d say. Goal-making hasn’t always been my strong suit, but I am doing mildly well with vague, stretched out goals. I have a small list of things I’m to finish by the end of August, and I started that last week. Hopefully there will be something to report back.

As always, I hope all are well and am always happy to hear how people are doing.

Covid & Life Continues

So I guess this is the semi-monthly update on Covid and what it’s doing.

Reading: I have been doing so much of that now, and I’m really happy about that bit. I started The Expanse around the start of May and finished all 8 books before the end of June. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve decided to go ahead and make a GoodReads account (Salix Chersis) so I can keep track of my reading. My bullet journal could be used for that again, but I’m trying to avoid too many commitments.

Drawing: Back at that. Again. Although, SO FAR, I’m keeping at it. Diversifying my lessons seems to help. I’m bouncing between Draw A Box and SVSLearn. SVSLearn is one you pay for, but given how aikido is cancelled for, at least, the rest of the year, I can probably foot this bill.

Writing: I wrote for the first time in about two months today (or yesterday if you wanna split hairs on accuracy since this is a scheduled post). A little over 2K words! A good friend of mine and I are trying a system out. Said system is we assign each other a writing task, and a new one can’t be given until we’ve both completed it.

Car: An exciting development. The would-be thief stole two of my hand sewn masks. I thought I was maybe going crazy seeing that there weren’t as many on my passenger seat. But I’m not crazy (in this regard at least)! When I was out walking last week, I saw those two masks thrown aside on the curb where a certain car is usually parked…

Also, my friends and I have decided on the Mortal Kombat theme for the custom alarm. We’re looking into making the bass so loud the car shakes a bit. If anything, the car sounding so unique might make people run away because people won’t go “Oh, that’s the neighbor’s car, not mine.” That or maybe the shaking base will make hotwiring difficult.

Existence: It’s going. Throughout quarantine so far I’ve managed to stop being overweight and continue to avoid inching back to those numbers. I have a therapy appointment scheduled, at last, so we’ll see if she’s a good fit. The goal is to find out why I hit spontaneous slumps of mental activity. This has been a chronic issue for me for years, which can probably be noticed on this site where there’s an explosion of activity and then silence. Covid isn’t helping.

Oh, and the orange sack of carbon for “president” isn’t helping. Cases in California are back up, and other states are back up too. I’m especially irate about this because, fuck it, my career goals are tied to education and I’m sure as hell not getting hired with all the budget cuts across the board. On top of that, I’ve got family that teaches, and thanks to the skin-husk that’s our Secretary of Education, they’re likely to be in extra danger.

Oh, and, the company I work for may not survive the end of the year. So that kinda sucks.

But, again, looking on the bright side of things. I’m currently reading Seveneves and a random history book that’s got high praise. I’ll likely continue drawing each day because I’ve set up simple but challenging goals, and if my friend and I can continue our system, writing will continue.

I hope all of you are well. How goes quarantining or reopening in your respective areas?