Keep It From Yourself

Just a random thought scrap I had when I saw this article. It got me thinking to how dystopian companies could use it to make their workers’ lives miserable. No filter editing. Just tossing this up here before I change my mind. May come back to it one day.

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What a weird dream

So I had a very weird dream where I was reading a book that was some combination of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Poppy War.

Apparently, in this story, Harry was the 7th bastard son of a king and Hogwarts was about to get invaded by Ron’s crazy uncle named Harold.

And that’s about it!

Oh and happy Cheap Chocolate Day, everyone.

“Jews Run the World”

Every time I see that statement, I just want to yell:

“We do? Why didn’t anyone tell me! You mean I worked crap retail job after the next when I could have asked for my dream job from the start?”

My while-in-school dream job was to work at Barnes & Noble. It’s also crap retail, but it’s crap retail that comes with discounted books.

Admittedly, the response I’d probably get would be something along the lines of “Well, they have to throw some under the bus to act as a cover.”

I’d be willing to eat noodle kugel to prove how wrong that statement is :U

Aaand back from the void!

Hello everyone!

I return from an unplanned hiatus.

Apparently post-BA schoolwork is hellishly time consuming. But now I’m done with school for at least another few years and get to spend my time staring off into the distance, desperately avoiding thoughts about careers and of the like.

Happy very belated New Year. I hope everyone had a fun and safe time!