Lack of Sleep and My Family’s Cat

I was originally going to title this “Sleep Deprivation”, but the word ‘deprivation’, to me, sounds like it’s intentional. As in…I am intentionally depriving myself of sleep.

That’s not the case–this weekend, at least.

One of the things I’m noticing, I feel, is that so long as I have some goal or task that must be done, the mental effects of little to know sleep aren’t really there. Once the goal is completed, though, all bets are off.

For example, yesterday I had to get to aikido early and do Japanese studying things. Once those two goals were accomplished, the slow and steady decent into being cranky and grouchy and incapable of doing basic tasks began. I didn’t even notice it was a problem until dinner time yesterday.

And, well, the plan to sleep in today didn’t exactly work. We have a cat who has…issues. He’s always been an anxious kitty, and he’s been dealing with hyperthyroidism. Only last week has he finally taken his medicine for it. Seriously–he’s spent the last two or so years without meds because every attempt has failed. Pill? He’d spit it out. Withhold food until he ate it? He wouldn’t eat. Weird ear gel that requires gloves? Didn’t even bother–we know he’d hide the second he hears the gloves being pulled out. Seriously–flea medication is an adventure because as soon as he sees the box, he bolts.

Iodine treatments at the vet were also an option, except that meant getting him to the vet. Which is impossible without tranquilizers. And the procedure is extremely expensive. But we do have the vet-assigned tranqs, at least.

Fear not, though, readers of this random random off-topic piece, the cat now takes his medicine. The dissolving pill works in his new food, so he eats it without realizing it or caring.


The point is is I don’t get enough sleep. Some of that is self-inflicted (not going to bed until after midnight), but some of it is due to factors outside my control.

To remedy this to an extent, I’m trying some instant coffee I got in Poland.

We’ll see if it works.


Creative Fuse Box

Not much to say other than I think the creative output part of my brain blew a fuse.

I don’t even know how it could have done that–it’s not like I was overtaxing it or anything.

In other news, the sequel to The Poppy War came out (Dragon Republic), and the library told me it’s my turn to read it.

I’m hoping it’s better than The Poppy War…but if not, well…at least I’m reading again.

This Little Blog…

…is a bit of a random, moderately directionless hot mess, I’d say.

Although so far life has proven to me that being a hot mess actually pays off. Earlier this week my car was broken in to. It appeared the thieves found nothing of value in my car due to it being a disastrous mess (they were wasting time trying to find things), and my car has, once again, shown it does not appreciate being handled by anyone but me. The thieves were unable to start the car, hence why it was still parked outside.

They DID get in this time (last time somebody tried to get  into my car, the shaved key snapped off in the handle). So, I think my car is trying to tell me I should clean it…


The summer was not as productive as I wanted it to be. Things happened and things have put me on hold, so that’s frustrating. Given how things are looking, I will be in the same work situation I am in for another year, which isn’t dreadful; I was just hoping for a change in pace and applying what I went back to school for.

Alas, the random chaos that is the universe has other things in mind. The perks of this include being with my coworker friends longer as well as maybe actually writing and studying for the JLPT N5 exam (oh right! I’m taking that this year).

What have you people been up to?

On Writing: Strange Reflections of the Temporal Kind

This one’s a bit of a mix of on writing/airing personal thoughts so they don’t mold over.

Bear with me–this definitely rambles and probably even wanders a bit into the ‘Salix, do you need meds?’ territory.

(The answer is “quite likely,” but I’ll probably have a never-before-seen reaction to whatever they give me; this happens more often than I’d like.)

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