Blog changes

Hello, people!

There are going to be some massive changes on this blog soon (within a week, hopefully). These changes will be things like a full on name change, icon change, and even a change in what will be posted here.

I like history, reading, and talking about things even though nobody probably cares much for that last one.

So, on top of fiction story pieces, I will be posting things about history and my thoughts on it! I will be sure to label and tag things accordingly, and with any luck, I’ll be moving from updating once a week to multiple times a week.


Anyway. I inform all who are kind enough to spend time on this blog so you all know why your Word Press may suddenly show somebody you don’t recall adding to the watch list!

I’m attempting to write a novel that will likely end up the size of Words of Radiance. There will probably be posts about writing in general on here.


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