A Tricky Topic? – A Poorly Thought Out Intro

I get really annoyed by politics.

Yet I bitch about it constantly. For some reason I imagined this blog would be very light in that realm, but I doubt that’s gonna happen now. Don’t worry, it won’t be a constant thing. This isn’t going to be a politics blog. Random stories and reviews and thoughts are still a thing.

But things relating to politic BS will come up. Partly because keeping quiet in today’s climate won’t do much good, but mostly because I’m a writer and a historian and both are heavily tied to those things. Writing because the media we consume is being scrutinized more heavily from a different angle, you could say; and, history, well…history feeds off of this.

So what am I dancing around?

A bajillion things! Race, gender, sexuality, red vs blue, nationalism, etc.

If you see “A Tricky Topic?” then that means it’s gonna be me attempting to be constructive about my frustration but slowly devolve into ranting and bitching about something relating to hot-button issues.

I don’t particularly feel like having things collapse into a flame war, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that much.

(Oh also you guys are (my cool) watchers now–I know it’s ‘followers’ on here, but I preferred deviantART’s terminology. Feels less culty.)


I was going to type this huge thing about diversity in media, but then I realized I should try and be more organized about it.

Also vomiting these words onto the page gave me an excuse to update and warn everybody.

Assuming I remember, as I am fairly packed this week, maybe I’ll have that up later this week.

Which reminds me, I was also supposed to get going on that review of Guns, Germs, and Steel.

Man I’m bad at this.



My Chemical Romance

I like things. I like a lot of things.

My Chemical Romance is one of those things. But that’s not how it started out. In fact, when “Helena” and “I’m (not) OK” were played on the radio nonstop, I actually got so sick and tired of them I’d change stations.

But then The Black Parade came out.

I was on the floor doing homework. Like, actually doing my homework at a decent time and not putting it off to the last minute. My favorite radio station (before it got axed) was a really awesome mix of mainstream and weird. They’d play the usual hits, but they’d also play the lesser played hits by the same bands. My Chemical Romance was one of those bands that got that treatment, and the song that came on and made me pause from my homework was “Mama.”

Aaand then that song lodged itself into my brain and I was hooked on the band.

Still am. I’m kind of sad that their merchandise is slowly dwindling.

Anyway, I need to keep activity up on this blog. Figured I’d ramble about something, so why not MCR?


Finished a Book

Hello, people!

This blog is certainly a lot more dead than I planned for it to be.

Anyway, I’ve finished Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. I will, hopefully, be putting together a somewhat intelligent review for it over the week. We’ll see. This month is going to be insanely busy as I have a bunch of things to do, most of which hinging on other people who are deciding to not get back to me.

There may be a large swath of reviews coming up on this site. I use Habitica and one of the challenges I joined is a book review challenge. I may post the list of books I’ll be reviewing in the future. Maybe.

“Maybe” is the motto of this place.