Cemetery Drive and Other Musings

Of course I’ll reference MCR as much as I can.

Whenever I go through cemeteries, I always look at the dates and see how old the person was when they died. If two people are in the grave, or the on the stone, I calculate how long the people were apart before death. Morbid, but apparently a friend did similar.

And now said friend is in one of those graves.

So if any of you have friends you like, but don’t talk to or see as often as you’d like, I suggest you try and contact them a bit more frequently. The friend who passed away was one I didn’t see as much due to trying to graduate last semester and her work schedule. She then went in for pre-surgery quarantine and the goal was for us to hang out once she was out and recovering.

I regret putting off time to see her. Especially because it turned out my graduation wasn’t as in jeopardy as I thought.

Don’t let age trick you into thinking it’s a buffer. Of course, don’t live like each day is the last.

But try to make time.



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