Vehicular Delights

I have a car.

Its name is Larry.

Larry Gumshoe is its full name. As in Larry Buttz and Detective Gumshoe from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Why such a name?

Well, a lot like Larry (and sometimes Gumshoe) from the game, my car causes me trouble. It causes me a lot of trouble. It doesn’t mean to–but it does.

Week before last I had to get all 4 brake pads replaced and a couple other fixes. This wasn’t planned, mind you. All that was supposed to happen was a quick, simple oil change.

Alas, Larry had other things in mind.

Other fun events that Larry has involved me in:

  • A catalytic converter replacement
  • Radiator replacement
  • A wonky gas tank

And this time it was a spontaneously deflated tire.

Apparently Larry decided to take on a new hobby: collecting nails and storing them in the tire. Fortunately Larry was stopped after only acquiring one nail.

So that was fun. Missed out on a day of work too.

Let’s just hope this Friday’s repair goes smoothly and Larry doesn’t have any more surprises in store.


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