A Quick Chat

December 31st, 2008

They were all gathered in the kitchen. At last, the food was being eaten. Raphael was relieved to see his hard work being devoured. It was right around dinner time, so the normalcy was a nice touch.

He yawned. Yeah, all that cooking finally caught up to him.

“Hey,” Raphael waved his fork, “I’m gonna take a nap. Wake me up in an hour, would ya?”

Miro heard–he nodded and gave Raphael a thumbs up as his mouth was full of food. Had Icarus been the one to reply, he’d have replied and had given Raphael a nice helping of see-food.

Raphael glanced at Cassandra and Seth. They were leaning against the counters and talking, their voices too low for even Raphael’s ears to hear what they were saying. They looked up and then quickly looked away. Odd. Just as well Raphael was going to take a nap. Perhaps he could sleep on it and…think about it.

He left Icarus’s door open ajar and flopped over on the bed, not bothering with the covers.

Raphael sat up in the familiar field.

“I thought so,” said a voice.

Raphael turned to look up. Uriel was looking down at him, fortunately in the form that matched his voice.

“You were hoping to wake up here,” the entity said.

Raphael stood up and dusted himself off. “Yeah,” he nodded, a sense of pride swelling up in him. “Were you gonna try and stop me?”

“Who? Me? No!” Uriel laughed and shook his head. His bangs weren’t as thick. Raphael could see the thing’s eyes clearly–they were focused on him. “No, if you make it here you’re free to come and go as you please.” Uriel sighed, the smile still on his face. “So. You wanted to talk?”

Raphael blinked.

“Yes, it really is that easy.” Uriel then frowned. “Weelll, not quite that easy. I mean, you have to ask the right questions, I can only say so much blah blah blah,” he waved his hand in the air.

“Well,” Raphael frowned. He folded his arms. “It’s not quite questions. Yet.”

“I’m all ears.” Uriel’s ears twitched through his hair.

Raphael shuddered.


“You mentioned the world ending three times.”

Uriel’s eyes widened. “Danger! Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” He sliced his arms through the air. “Error! Error! System reboot!”

Raphael froze, terror washing over him. Was he about to wake up?

But Uriel was laughing. “Sorry, I should have known that’d have scared you.” He tapped his temple. “So much to process, though!” He let out another chuckle and shook his head. “But really, Raphael, too fast. We’re only on our second date–”

“Oh god please don’t change.”

Uriel let out a sharp bark of laughter. “I’ll only slide back and forth if I think it’ll help you, how’s that?”

“I have no idea how it could. But, um, sure. Okay. Fine.” He paused. “I got nothing against the trans people, okay?”

Uriel grinned. “I know. Remember?” Uriel tapped the side of its–his–head again.

Raphael’s face went red. “Y-yeah, okay.”

“So, besides the forbidden questions of the apocalypse, what do you want to talk about?”

“Cass and Seth.”

“Very well.” Uriel’s posture changed. The spark in his eyes had faded. “You should know–I can’t tell you what goes on in the minds of others.”

Raphael sighed. Of course. “I figured.”

Uriel gave a nod. “So. Go on. Ask what you wish to ask.”

Raphael frowned. “Is there anything I can do?” He finally decided on.


“What can I do to help them?”

Uriel rose an eyebrow. Even in his masculine form they were rather fine. “You already know the answer to this. You’re asking because you hope I’ll provide you with something very different and more concrete.”


Uriel waved his hand. “Talk to them. You’re there friend.”

“It…feels like I might be intruding.”


Raphael opened his mouth and paused.


“I’ve never seen them so closed off like that,” Raphael said.

Uriel nodded. “Good observation.”

“I thought you couldn’t tell me what goes on in other peoples’ heads.”

“I break no rules in confirming or denying your suspicions and observations. The brain is phenomenal at what it can pick up.” He paused. “You should wake up,” he said.


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