Two For One Deal

So remember that post about Joel?

Yeah, well, apparently the excitement continues.

Another guy–Gus, let’s call him–is friends with Joel. He was also friends with me and the boyfriend.

Gus was aware that I was not getting along with Joel and even asked about it. I gave my answer and he seemed to be quite understanding of it.

It should also be noted about a year ago, things were really, really difficult for me and I more or less had a very, very bad day, shall we say. Gus witnessed this, but, apparently, still wanted to hang out with me after this.

I bring this up because Gus only just now decided to cut all contact from me and do it very suddenly. This wouldn’t be so jarring if it wasn’t for the fact he did this to my boyfriend too.

Me? I can totally see it. I’m difficult. Definitely trying to fix that. Also a bit surprised it took this long, but okay.

My boyfriend, though? Seriously? It’s starting to feel like people are punishing my boyfriend for things I did.

A friend pointed out that sometimes people treat couples like proxies of each other, but Gus himself has said he’s able to separate friends from the people they associate with. And, like, he and my boyfriend seemed to get along really well.

And it’s definitely the two of us. Gus is still friends with the rest of the people in our group.

Again, if it was just me he removed, I’d sort of understand why. Surprised this late, but whatever. Also a little surprised at the extent he’s removed us–blocked on FaceBook and phone numbers too, possibly.

It’s just that this happened so suddenly and, again, my boyfriend too. Maybe Gus didn’t like that I wanted to know why Joel cut the boyfriend too. Maybe he’s tagged me as “height proportional to the drama she creates” or something. I don’t know. Gus always struck me as a mature adult. If he was gonna cut out my boyfriend too, I’d have expected him to at least say “Hey, dude, your girlfriend is too much for me and I don’t want to make you choose between us peace out” or something?

Oh well. There’s a lot of other exciting trash in my life, so the timing of this wasn’t that grand. I’m rather of sick and tired of people deciding I’m something to just dispose of and avoid without a word. Especially since it feels like I’m unreasonable for wanting to know why people cut me so suddenly.

Cuz at this rate I’m averaging about one person a year.

I get it. I’m difficult. But I’m also a person.


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