What Is This?

I like to create. Writing especially.

So what better way to get better than to write everyday?

Why, put it out there for the world to see for that sweet, sweet rush you get from people paying attention to you, of course!

Well, that and having a deadline of sorts and (potential) people you could let down if you fail adds to the fun, that’s for sure.

This blog was originally for just short fiction pieces, but now it has expanded. I am a historian in training and there is very little chance I’ll get into a graduate program as not only do I lack the time for it, I also lack the funding. In order to keep up with the craft, then, this means I need to read and write. A lot. This blog will help with that (ideally). There will also, of course, be story pieces of mine that come up, me blathering about writing, and possibly me blathering about different schools of history that my peon, bachelor brain can only comprehend so much of.

Also my friends have been asking about reading my writing. Instead of flooding their poor inboxes, this blog may also be quite handy for that thing.

Icon credit goes to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebula



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