A Tale of Two Guys: Joel

So there’s actually not a whole lot to say here about Joel.


He made a post that finally, finally did it. It was about how it’s OK to punch Nazis.

I have problems with this:

  • Assault is assault end of story.
  • The term “Nazi” has become so deluded that anyone (like PewDiePie) can be called one and the people aint joking.
    • Which leads to the term being abused and risk people who are just pointing out flaws or contradictions in a movement getting the label and then punched.
  • It makes martyrs out of morally reprehensible people.
  • A little bit of a call the charge, lead the charge–aka, if you say it’s okay to punch people for saying shit then you accept it happening to you because the attacker felt threatened by what you said.
  • That and the tide could very well turn on you one day as you may something¬† that people will deem unacceptable too, so don’t forget that.
  • If you need to use your fists as the very first thing to counter words then you are way to immature for activism.
  • Assault is assault.

Anyway, I call him out on it. He doesn’t say anything. A friend of his does and is totally okay with this punching people thing and won’t budge. Fine. Joel likes everything he says and doesn’t say a word to me.

(This of course both amuses and upsets me a bit because the last time I challenged him, he utterly failed to back his points, let somebody else do it and did the condescending thing of “Well if you can’t understand it, then maybe you aren’t meant to.”)

So I unfriend him. I’ve had enough of seeing his complete and utterly moronic bullshit on my feed (my favorite was one about how, apparently, because people like me who went to college for a degree in history, we’re brainwashed and don’t know the truth).

But here’s the best part.

He completely removed my boyfriend from all his contacts. FB, chat clients, etc. All of it by the sounds of it.

When I went to Joel’s page to unfriend him I saw some bitter posts about his ex who broke up with him. That was a few years ago,¬†but it around this time of year. So maybe he resents me and the bf for still being together. Or maybe he had removed my bf before this happened.

Could ask a friend and find out but that feels awkward*, vain, and kinda petty.

Then again, so was slicing out my boyfriend despite not even being involved. … And I’ve never said I’m above being petty (I’m making a blog bitching about this, folks).

And I kind of can’t help but wonder if he’s said shit about me. He’s done vaguebooking/passive aggressive posts before multiple times.


TL;DR–I unfriend person for having his head so far up his ass he punishes my boyfriend for my actions.

*I asked. It was awkward.


A Tricky Topic? – A Poorly Thought Out Intro

I get really annoyed by politics.

Yet I bitch about it constantly. For some reason I imagined this blog would be very light in that realm, but I doubt that’s gonna happen now. Don’t worry, it won’t be a constant thing. This isn’t going to be a politics blog. Random stories and reviews and thoughts are still a thing.

But things relating to politic BS will come up. Partly because keeping quiet in today’s climate won’t do much good, but mostly because I’m a writer and a historian and both are heavily tied to those things. Writing because the media we consume is being scrutinized more heavily from a different angle, you could say; and, history, well…history feeds off of this.

So what am I dancing around?

A bajillion things! Race, gender, sexuality, red vs blue, nationalism, etc.

If you see “A Tricky Topic?” then that means it’s gonna be me attempting to be constructive about my frustration but slowly devolve into ranting and bitching about something relating to hot-button issues.

I don’t particularly feel like having things collapse into a flame war, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that much.

(Oh also you guys are (my cool) watchers now–I know it’s ‘followers’ on here, but I preferred deviantART’s terminology. Feels less culty.)


I was going to type this huge thing about diversity in media, but then I realized I should try and be more organized about it.

Also vomiting these words onto the page gave me an excuse to update and warn everybody.

Assuming I remember, as I am fairly packed this week, maybe I’ll have that up later this week.

Which reminds me, I was also supposed to get going on that review of Guns, Germs, and Steel.

Man I’m bad at this.