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So last semester I had to do a research paper for, like, almost every class. One of my classes was ancient western civilization.

This assignment was different from the rest. See, most research papers require primary sources. Except my topic was about something that

  1. Predated writing
  2. Would have been in a language I didn’t have time to study
  3. Archeological papers in their unadulterated form are actually really hard to get a hold of without special credentials and/or certificates because they specify exact locations. Why? Security risks.

My topic?

The domestication of dogs!

Originally I was going to upload the paper on here. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I did not back up all my school papers like I thought I had before lobotomizing my computer of all its hard drives.

So instead of a super fancy, academic paper, I’m just gonna blather at you guys about some awesome dog facts I learned. Sources….uh…I’ll try to find them.

Those were in my paper. And on a spreadsheet. … That was on the previous computer.

Oh, also, best part about this paper? I got to look at puppies. For research.

So here are some dog facts!

The process of domesticating dogs was one of two things:

  • An on/off process–the oldest dog-like skeleton (meaning it had a different physical structure from the Eurasian gray wolf) was found in modern day Belgium. It’s about 35,000 years old
  • Domestication of the dog was likely a process of convergent evolution given how, currently, according to Scientific American and the AAAS, consistent (my word, not theirs) domestication of the dog as we know it has been traced to Nepal and from 15,000 years ago.
    • Nepal and Belgium are thousands of kilometers and these events are thousands of years apart

Couple other facts

  • When you make eye contact with a dog, it develops the love/trust hormone
  • Humans, even ones who don’t care for dogs or have had little contact with them, can identify the emotions of a dog, even through a recording.

Aaaaand those are some facts!