Potential take down notice

I’ve figured out what the hell I’m doing with R2.

So I may end up taking it down from here because I’d like to at least make an attempt at traditional publishing.

Anything that doesn’t end up in the final product will be placed here, though. I could argue it’s “promotional” materials or something.

Look at me pretending this’ll go somewhere 😛



Thanks to that writers group I do want to work on a story again!

Shout Out to A Cool Writer Guy

Hello readers!

A certain writer by the name of James Beamon is going down the self publishing route.

Part of this involves getting the name out there. I’ve enjoyed his stuff (and I plan to enjoy even more of it this summer), so I’m putting his name up here in the hopes of more people taking a look!

This is the first story of his I stumbled across. I quite liked it, so I want others to get a chance to enjoy it too!

Good luck, Mr. Beamon! I hope you get that story finished and I look forward to seeing it.

(I think this the first time I’ve ever done a post like this…)