Thanks to that writers group I do want to work on a story again!


Shout Out to A Cool Writer Guy

Hello readers!

A certain writer by the name of James Beamon is going down the self publishing route.

Part of this involves getting the name out there. I’ve enjoyed his stuff (and I plan to enjoy even more of it this summer), so I’m putting his name up here in the hopes of more people taking a look!

This is the first story of his I stumbled across. I quite liked it, so I want others to get a chance to enjoy it too!

Good luck, Mr. Beamon! I hope you get that story finished and I look forward to seeing it.

(I think this the first time I’ve ever done a post like this…)

Camp NaNo

It’s that time of year!

I’ve decided I’m going to take part in Camp NaNoWriMo this year. Well, the April one at least. There’s a July one. I’ll consider that one.

Right now I’m trying to finish up the outline so I’ll be ready once it’s midnight. Yet here I am being distracted as all hell instead.

Truly, I am a writer at heart.

And it’s very tempting to get another bottle of whiskey and see what’d happen.

But alcohol is kind of expensive and I’d much, much rather spend that money on chocolate or coffee. … Or, like, not at all and save it instead. That works too.