R2 – The Never Chapter

(So I’m posting this R2 snippet anyway simply because, traditional or self-published, this is an (oldish) piece that will probably never appear in the final product. Or it will. You never know with me!)

November 5th, 200X

Miro walked into the dusty room. He was in what looked and felt like an old attic-library. The windows were probably caked in dust behind dustier curtains. He had no clue what time of day–or night–it was outside. Continue reading

Potential take down notice

I’ve figured out what the hell I’m doing with R2.

So I may end up taking it down from here because I’d like to at least make an attempt at traditional publishing.

Anything that doesn’t end up in the final product will be placed here, though. I could argue it’s “promotional” materials or something.

Look at me pretending this’ll go somewhere 😛


So it turns out you can have playlist folders on Spotify.

This is nifty because I can now make R2 playlists without cluttering the side bar.


Expect posts relating to the playlists soon.