Stupid Light – Woe is Me “Poetry”

I don’t like artificial lights
especially the one in my room
It flickers and pulses on its own accord
it’s unpredictable
A lot like me
at least according to most, probably
I’m perfectly predictable
annoyingly so
You just need to get the hang of it
that’s all


Stupid Scientists – The Unnecessary Trope

(Yeah this might be something that I could use to contribute, but I’ll see about actually being good at that if I can make a habit of posting once a week…)

So this is something that’s always annoyed me in a lot of sci-fi movies as of late: Scientists doing stupid things.

Oh. Spoilers ahead.

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Babylon 5 – Soul Hunter (more ramble than direction)

I arise from my hiatus to talk about Babylon 5!


Because this blog needs to stop keeling over.

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten off my butt to watch Babylon 5. Of course I could be spending my time doing other things like more writing, more drawing, more research, etc–but, in a sense, it could be argued watching media in the genres I like is a form of research for what I’d like to write and draw.

Getting off topic.

I’m only 4 episodes into the first season, but I have to say, I feel Soul Hunter is probably my favorite so far. It brings up a really interesting concept–you have two space fairing races who have very, very different perceptions of the afterlife. This is a problem because they are space fairing. They now have the power to leave their planets and enforce these beliefs on others.

Except it looks like the Minbari are pretty chill about it–they aren’t making others submit to their view of the afterlife. The Hunters, on the other hand, are pretty bent on not listening and gathering those souls because they, from their perspective, would be complicit in murder by not capturing these souls.

And that’s what I liked about the episode. You have two polar opposite beliefs clashing.

I’unno. That’s about it. I felt the need to get something up here. And I’m only one cup of coffee deep today.

Maybe I’ll have a coffee meter for each post…

Potential take down notice

I’ve figured out what the hell I’m doing with R2.

So I may end up taking it down from here because I’d like to at least make an attempt at traditional publishing.

Anything that doesn’t end up in the final product will be placed here, though. I could argue it’s “promotional” materials or something.

Look at me pretending this’ll go somewhere 😛